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Tobor Experiment

Real name:
Giorgio Sancristoforo
Milan, Italy
About me

GIorgio Sancristoforo is an Italian sound designer and multimedia artist. He has worked as sound engineer, recording engineer, video editor and sound designer for cinema, music production, advertising and multimedia arts. He has written softwares for experimental music (Gleetchplug, Gleetchlab, Berna, Endless, OM), which have been downloaded by thousands musicians and engineers in 40 countries worldwide and received many enthusiastic reviews on professional music magazines such as Sound On Sound, Keys and Computer Music Magazine. In association with MTV Italy, Qoob TV and Isbn Edizioni, he has directed 10 documentaries and a published a book (TECH STUFF) about electronic music pioneers and technologies, also interviewing the late M° Karlheinz Stockhausen. He collaborates with the italian musician Giuseppe Cordaro (aka Con_Cetta / Moteer, uk) and video artist Quayola in the "audioscan" project ( a massive sound art project involving the transformation of noise into musical sounds. Equipment list: Sony PCM-D50 Buchla 200e Teac A-3440 Schertler Dyn E (2) Aquarian audio H2a Neumann KMR 81 Shure FP24 Korg KP3 Tenori-On Jomox T Resonator Sherman Filterbank TL-Audio 5052 Minimoog Voyager Fender Precision GIbson Sheryl Crow Max/MSP Apple iMac27" Apple iPad Apple Mac Book Pro RME Fireface UC Braun Nizo Pro

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