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MELLTITH (Sagittarius A*) wins CYCLE #11

October, 30th, 2014 12:22

It’s with great pleasure that we announce GNOD’s Winner of New Music Search Cycle #11 on carbon logic.

MELLTITH will release his 4 track “Sagittarius A*” EP on GNOD’s TESLA TAPES on November 10th 2014.

Listen to MELLTITH, STRNGLV and the complete CYCLE #11 Shortlist here.

"We here at Gnod / Tesla Tapes HQ spend most of our waking hours listening to music, whether its mixing our own stuff or stuff for release on TT, or the endless amounts of old and new sounds from around the world there’s always some kind of noise going off in the background at HQ."

"Being asked to curate this cycle of Carbon Logic was a pleasure for us and it’s really nice to be able to contribute to something that helped Gnod out a lot in our early days, but, it’s no easy thing to choose one artist/s to pass the good vibes on to."

"With that in mind we had to remember that the music we dug the most was going to get a release on Tesla Tapes, so we wanted to make sure that the music we chose would fit in with the Tesla vibe. That’s why time and time again MELLTITH (Sagittarius A*) kept making it’s way back onto our player. There’s something so alluring and endearing about the lo-fi vibe of these tracks that makes every listen more satisfying."

"We are into a one-take devil may care kinda vibe and the Melltith tracks have certainly got that feeling about them. The track titles suggest, along with the music , a shyness and vulnerability that really comes across as somebody making music from the heart."

"Of course we could be wrong about all these things but it’s all about how music makes you feel and what it allows your imagination to come up with. Melltith’s tracks don’t feel forced or premeditated , they feel like someone trying to capture a moment or a feeling, that’s the shit right there."

"We feel that Melltith will sit in nicely with the Tesla Tapes archive and hopefully this will spurn him on to keep making music and keep it all coming from the heart."

"Our close runner up is the excellent STRNGLV.
This stuff is right up our alley; wonderfully warped electronic music with a hint of the excessive which gives it it's own unique quality. What caught our ear was the variety of styles that were used in the tracks; taking in drone, techno, glitch, arabic rhythms but consistently using just the right amount of reverb & delay to make the whole piece swing. Again, the lo-fi devil may care vibe which we always look for is present. The special way in which STRNGLV throw their sounds into the pot keeps it edgy, exciting & very interesting."


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