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1. Listen to tunes

  • You can browse and listen to music from any page on the website.
  • Click on "Artist', "Genre","Title" or "Latest" in the "browse music" section to take you to track listings.
  • Click a track name or a thumbnail image to go straight to our mp3 player.
  • The thumbnail images on the home page represent individual tracks.
  • From left to right the groups are: "Top Rated", "Latest Uploads", and "Hot Selection".

2. Join Carbon Logic

  • Becoming a member allows you to upload,score, and comment on tracks.
  • We like to keep it simple so all we ask for is a username, a password, and an email address.
  • Enter these details and confirm your password in the fields provided.
  • You need to agree to our terms and conditions.
  • The Carbon Logic "Terms and Conditions" are designed to protect your privacy and rights, and protect us from copyright infringement.
  • Click the checkbox once you have read them and agreed.
  • Click "Submit" at the bottom of the page.
  • Congratulations, you are now a member of the Carbon Logic Community.
  • You can now view your user profile, or start uploading tracks.

3. Log in

  • You can log in to the carbon logic community at the top left hand corner of any page.
  • Enter your "username" and "password" then click submit.
  • Now you can upload, score, and comment on tracks.

4.Upload your music

  • You need to be a member to upload a track, and to have logged in.
  • Tracks must be submitted in mp3 format.
  • We recommend a bitrate of 128 Kbps, mp3's but any bitrate is acceptable.
    (More info on mp3 bitrate at Wikipedia)
  • Please note there is a 10Mb filesize limit for mp3s.
  • You can upload as many tracks as you want.
  • Click "Upload your music" in the top right corner of any page.
  • Enter your track name, artist name, and genre.
  • You can enter your track into multiple genres, by putting a comma between each word. For example "punk, funk, grime".
  • Add a description of your track in the field provided.
  • Click "choose file" to select the mp3 you wish to upload.
  • Click "choose image" to select a jpeg image for your track.
  • Once you are happy with your selections, click "submit" at the bottom of the page.
  • A status bar will show the progress of your upload.
  • When the upload is complete, your track page will appear.
  • Click the play button, and you're off!

5. Edit your profile

  • Make sure you are logged in.
  • Click on "View your profile" in the top right corner of any page.
  • Click on "Edit your profile"
  • Enter your new details into the form provided.
  • Click submit when you have finished and your new details will be saved.

6. Non-stop music player

  • You can listen to non-stop music using our pop-up player.
  • When you see an orange button beside a track list, click it to launch the pop-up player and hear those tracks non-stop.
  • You can also launch the non-stop music player from the top right of any page.
  • Select the track list you want to hear from the dropdown on the pop-up player.
  • To listen to your own "Top-Rated" tracks make sure you are logged in, "Your Top Rated" will then appear in the dropdown list.
  • To find out more about a track, or to rate and comment on a track, click the track artwork on the left.

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