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The Power of Flight

MC Cullah

Uploaded by: MC_Cullah

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Uploaded by:
22.06.08 | 04:39 GMT
Hip HopExperimentalRaptrip hopAbstract2008 NUGGETS
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most people cant fly
i can
but if i get any higher
ill trigger heaven's trip wire
spiral down and down
while i hear the viral sound
of hope and smile
and find out
it was all worthwile

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  • Average rating: 4.4


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this is fucking wicked guys. i would want playing on my stereo. where can i buy?


Posted: 00:02h Thu Jun 26



Posted: 21:59h Thu Jun 26


this is another corker from Cullah.
i'm off to check out this free album......
I'd pay money for some of your tunes though. keep writing.
been listening to lots of your tunes over time. you get better all the time.
keep developing. reckon your next album will be TRULY magnificent.


Posted: 01:27h Fri Jun 27

hi rise

So simple, yet so addictive!


Posted: 03:31h Mon Jul 07


massive track
liking most of your stuff
its great


Posted: 20:34h Tue Jul 15


damn cool, feeling your voice, and the ruff as hell beat


Posted: 13:14h Wed Jul 30

uncle carbuncle

lovely little track. organs are sweet as pie

Posted: 20:10h Mon Oct 13

gee unit


Economists believe the economy can grow forever. Not only do they believe it can grow forever, which it cannot, they believe it must grow forever. Since World War II they have equated economic growth with progress. Nobody wants to stop progress but, if economic growth is what we define as progress, who is ever going to ask what an economy is for? With all this growth are we happier? How much is enough? We do not ask those questions. We have fallen into the trap of believing that economic growth forever is possible and necessary.

I am going to show you why this is absolutely suicidal. Anything growing steadily over time is called exponential growth and whatever is growing exponentially has a predictable doubling time, whether it is the amount of garbage you make, the number of taxis on the road, the amount of water you use, or the human population. So, if the population is growing at 1% a year it will double in 70 years; 2% a year it will double in 35 years; 3% - 23 years; 4% in 17.5 years. Anything growing exponentially will double predictably.

I am going to show you why it is suicidal to think we can keep growing forever. Let me give you a test tube full of food for bacteria. That represents our world. I am going to put one bacterial cell (representing us) into that test tube and it is going to divide every minute; that is exponential growth. So at time zero you have one cell; one minute you have two; two minutes you have four; three minutes you have eight; four minutes you have 16. That is exponential growth and at 60 minutes the test tube is completely full of bacteria and there is no food left, a sixty minute cycle.

When is the test tube only half full? Well the answer of course is at 59 minutes; but a minute later it is filled. So at 58 minutes it is 25% full; 57 minutes 12½ % full. At 55 minutes of the 60 minute cycle it is only 3% full. So, if at 55 minutes one of the bacteria said to its companions that they had a population problem, the other bacteria would be incredulous because 97% of the test tube would be empty and they had been around for 55 minutes. Yet they would have only 5 minutes left. So bacteria are no smarter than humans and at 59 minutes they realize they only have a minute left. So they give massive amounts of money to scientists, and in less than a minute those bacterial scientists invent three test tubes full of food. That would be like adding three more planets for our use. So it would seem that they (and we) would be saved.

What actually happens is this - at 60 minutes the first tube is full; at 61 minutes the second is full; and at 62 minutes all four are full. By quadrupling the amount of food and space, you buy two extra minutes! How do we add even a fraction of 1% more of air, water, soil or biodiversity? We cannot. The biosphere is fixed and finite and every biologist I have talked to agrees with me, we are past the 59th minute. So all those leaders saying that we have to keep the economy growing are saying we have to accelerate down what is a suicidal path.

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We have to set a new bottom line, a bottom line dictated by the reality that we are biological creatures, completely dependent for our survival and well being on clean air, clean water, clean soil, clean energy and biodiversity. We are social animals who need strong families and supportive communities, full employment, justice, equity and security and freedom from racism, terror, war and genocide. And we remain spiritual beings who need sacred places in the natural world that gave us birth.

Dr David Suzuki is Emeritus Professor of the Sustainable Development Research Institute, University of British Columbia, and Co-Founder, David Suzuki Foundation

This is part of a transcript of his lecture, “The Challenge of the 21st Century: Setting the Real Bottom Line”, was given at the 2008 Commonwealth Lecture in London, England, hosted by the inter-governmental organisation the Commonwealth Foundation.

Harlow Shapely: what happens to one breath of air
There is a wonderful thought exercise which the American astronomer, Harlow Shapley, did many years ago. He asked ‘What happens to one breath of air?’ How do you follow a breath of air? 98% of the air is oxygenand nitrogen. You breathe it in, oxygen and nitrogen go into your body. When you breathe out, a lot of the oxygen never comes back out because we need it, and some of the nitrogen, which is 80% of the air, stays in your body too. About 1% of the air is an element called argon, which is inert and does not react chemically with anything. You breathe it in, it goes into your body, and when you breathe out, it comes right back out. So argon is a very good marker or indicator for a breath of air. How many atoms of argon are there in one breath of air? Shapley calculates 3 x 1019. That means three followed by 19 zeros . Take it from me, that is a lot of argon!

So if we follow one of my breaths of air it eventually diffuses across London, then England, and finally around the world. According to Shapley one year later, no matter where you are, because the atmosphere is a single system, every breath you take will have about 15 argon atoms from that original breath a year before. On that basis Shapley calculates every breath we take has millions of argon atoms that were once in the bodies of Joan of Arc and Jesus Christ. Every breath you take has millions of argon atoms that were in the bodies of dinosaurs 65 million years ago. Every breath you take will suffuse life forms as far as we can see into the future. So air, surely, deserves to be seen as a sacred substance.


Posted: 02:58h Sat Jan 24


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